Why it is a huge sad mistake not to Employ a Shrewd Bankruptcy Attorney Instead of a Typist or “Paralegal” In Washington State.

Don’t be fooled by a typist. NO-ONE, but NO-ONE but a Bankruptcy attorney can provide legal advice! Some persons advertise on various sites like Craigslist  who are NOT attorneys and sometimes you  don’t know that until you read the fine print: they are typist. That’s it! They cannot provide legal advice!  Sometimes a few smart paralegals advertisements will even disclose and admit that they do NOT provide legal advice. So what do they provide? Typing only.  Why does this matter to you? Significant and many reasons! I set forth merely some examples as follows:

1.  What if you paid back your relative $3,000 11 months ago and file bankruptcy this week? Guess what: the trustee can SUE your relative to retrieve that $3,000 under what is called a “preference”. Would you know that if you saw a typist? NO. The typist or paralegal cannot advise you as that is legal advice!

2. Should you choose Federal or State exemptions allowing you to keep most or all your property? Which one is best for you? The typists and paralegals  cannot tell you! And non-legal persons cannot advise you of laws affecting exemptions. For example, if you lived only 1 1/2 years in Washington , another state’s laws govern what you can protect, not Washingtons..a fact a non-legal person cannot advise you on.

3 What if some asset is NOT protected with an exemption….what can you do and what should you do? Only an attorney, not a typist can tell you.

4. What is the advantage of waiting to file versus filing now? The typist or paralegal cannot advise you but an attorney or  lawyer can!

5. Which creditors should you pay now? The typists or paralegal cannot advise you but an attorney can.

6.  Do you have debts that are NOT discharged? A Bankruptcy attorney can advise you but NOT a typist or paralegal of such type of debts! Did you know some debts are NOT discharged in a Chapter 7 but can be in a Chapter 13? How will you know? An attorney can so advise!

7. Did you know if you owe INCOME taxes they could be DISCHARGEABLE or NOT DISCHARGEABLE depending on facts? What can and should you possibly do to make them Dischargeable? An attorney not only can but SHOULD advise you of the options..but a typist or paralegal cannot!

8. How does filing affect a co-signor of the debt? An attorney, but NOT a typist can advise you!

9. What can you do if  your house is worth x$ and a first mortgage is owed of MORE than that x$, and you have a 2nd MORTGAGE also? Your options? A typist or paralegal cannot legally advise you! You may be possibly able to TOTALLY remove that 2nd mortgage!

10. Do you have traffic tickets owed (as opposed to traffic criminal fines) ? How can they be discharged in bankruptcy? Only an attorney can advise you as if you file that chapter 7, you may be very sorry what you find out as they will not be discharged! But an attorney can advise you how you can discharge them!

11. What if you own a vehicle secured by a loan and just keep making payments only, and not reaffirm? What is the legal effect? Only an attorney can advise you! How can you drive a vehicle for free for over 4 months without paying without repossession during such time? Only an attorney can advise.

12 What should you do  if you are served a 1099 form post bankruptcy given to the IRS claiming you owe taxes on that discharged debt? Only a bankruptcy attorney can advise you; related to that issue is what if you had reaffirmed a debt? Again, a typist or paralegal cannot advise you.

The above  merely reflects just many of the facts or issues a Bankruptcy Attorney will discuss with you but a typist or paralegal cannot! So don’t be fooled by paying a typist or paralegal. They work hard at their job and certainly want your business. But with filing of a Bankruptcy on your record for 10 years, you want it done right. I find it  costs MORE to fix a mess (if it can be fixed)  than if you employ an attorney originally in most cases.

If you want legal bankruptcy advice in Western Washington call our firm now or email us anytime. Do not become a sad debtor who is repulsed with the non legal advice they obtained losing assets as a result thereof.