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Law is a term which does not have a universally accepted definition, but one definition is that law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior.

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Richard D. Granvold has the training, knowledge and experience to help you get out of debt but in a way best for you. From credit counseling and financial planning to bankruptcy filing, he is here to assist you.


Since 1987, Richard D. Granvold has assisted about 10,.000 persons in filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 or advising persons not to file when it is not the right answer for them. Click on the “experience” button above and see his professional memberships, recent bankruptcy seminars attended, and his education. Top 4 awards: 2014 through 2018 Clients Choice Award for Chapter 7, Featured Attorney Chapter 7 Award, Top Contributor 2014 through 2021 Award: See or click the button below!


Richard D. Granvold can advise you of the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and which one is better for you. (For a comparison of Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 click here). Many attorneys endorse Richard D. Granvold. One Washington Attorney states:

“I have known Richard for many years. He is an amazing advocate for his clients. He is creative, knowledgeable and aggressive. If I have a potential bankruptcy client that I cannot represent he is on a very short list of attorneys I refer to”.

Another attorney states:

“I endorse this lawyer. Richard Granvold is one of the most generous and good-hearted attorneys I know. He spends numerous hours each week donating time on AVVO by answering the legal questions of those in need. He takes the time to write a thoughtful and detailed response to each and every question he answers and never misses a single issue. His responses show a depth of knowledge and experience, as well as compassion for those in need. I will not hesitate to refer people to him who are in need of a good bankruptcy attorney.”

You can click here to read more “Peer Reviews on AVVO” and see why over 66 different Bankruptcy Attorneys who endorse Richard D. Granvold and why; these are attorneys who understand bankruptcy law and endorse Richard D. Granvold in representing you. AVVO has a rating of high rating for Richard D. Granvold!


Our attorney himself will call you back quickly and can discuss your case immediately with you, not a week later! Most clients discuss with Richard D. Granvold the day they call and immediately, if not advising another client when you call. Only Richard D. Granvold provides advice to you. Whether you are at home, lunch break or driving down freeway, give our office a phone call so we can discuss your situation when you have 30 or more minutes of time to discuss your case.

Whether you need to speak at 6 am or up to 9 pm, we can help you to expediently answer your questions! Many of you need expediency, as you are being garnished, being foreclosed against or trying to obtain back your driver’s license (click on that button above to discuss those areas of law). As a result, we normally complete all bankruptcies within 1 or 2 days of you providing all information. You will NEVER hear your questions being answered by a legal intern, associate, secretary, or other person: Richard D. Granvold will personally discuss your case directly with you, addressing all questions and concerns.


Overpaying for legal advice when you are low on money, trying to save a home or being garnished is not needed. Richard D. Granvold’s fees are reasonable as you will see if you compare what other attorneys are charging for bankruptcy advice. Our advice will be the same no matter what your fee is in Chapter 7, for most clients. It is free to speak to you (individuals, not corporations). You are encouraged to talk to Richard D. Granvold even after you have consulted with another attorney; you will see the difference!


Why you care: many attorneys require all at once a lump sum payment as they do not do monthly billings. We have allowed clients to make payments since opening our law firm in 1990. You can pay $100 down as part of our fee to retain us immediately. The advantage? You can immediately, not only refer those nagging calling creditors to Richard D. Granvold‘s office, but you can also take up to 5 months to make all payments or such portion he agrees to before filing the case, as well as the filing fee!


See the Testimonials at the top of this home page and see many client’s statements of appreciation and thanks and a door full of “Thank You” cards and letters in the picture herein. You can see over 114 client 5 STAR reviews on AVVO and on Google and Yelp. Although we cannot please everyone, we certainly try as 50% of our business comes from client referrals and we appreciate and strive for that result.


Did you know MOST Bankruptcy Attorneys (our guess 99%) have NEVER tried to help a bankruptcy client attempt to discharge student loans? Click on the Student Loan page herein and see numerous (59 plus) lawsuits on student loans Richard D. Granvold has filed and the results thereof in discharging millions of dollars of student loans. Click on the AVVO button herein and see many other bankruptcy attorney’s endorsement on AVVO of Richard D. Granvold’s actions in discharging such student loans.

“What you should be asking to pick the right bankruptcy attorney..but don’t.” Click on the blog button and see the answers to that question!

Our office is aggressive in protecting your rights. You really care about two goals: Can you keep all your property you own and have equity in, and can you discharge all your debts. That is what bankruptcy really comes down to.

Click on the various tabs on our website and you will not only see our full services, but the quality of our representation of you to achieve your goals. Whatever you need help with, whether foreclosure, stopping garnishments, obtaining back your driver’s license, or just discharging your debts, you can click on that portion of our website for information on it and then call Richard D. Granvold now to discuss.


Do not wait if you are having financial problems especially if you are being garnished, foreclosed against or sued. Call our offices now. Four questions our office will advise you if bankruptcy is right for you: (1) Is there any reason to wait to file; (2) which creditors should you be paying from the time you speak to Richard D. Granvold up to the filing date; (3) are all your assets you have equity in protected; and (4) do you have any types of non-dischargeable debts.

If you have been sued, call and speak immediately concerning your options; this is important before a judgment is entered against you and possibly becomes a lien on any house or land you own and a resulting garnishment! You cannot change the past, only the future, so email or call now! Email is best, if you also leave your phone number include area code and advise us on how early and how late you can be called, so you are not woken up or when not to call, in case you sleep during the day! We look forward to assisting and advising you in reducing your financial stress.

Thanks for reading our home page and we welcome the opportunity to personally assist you today. Email now so we can assist you at a time you are having financial problems.