Bankruptcy Attorney Richard Granvold is Very detailed, Plenty of experience, Straightforward and Effective.

I was very afraid of the bankruptcy process. Not only did I have unsecured debt but I had tax issues also.

Initial Free consultation was excellent. I advise you have an idea of what your situation is because he will ask very specific questions so that he can help you correctly.

The call was followed by paperwork. The process requires a lot of information. But he did not just send the paperwork and leave me blind to guess at the answers and the expectations. He was very detailed in his help about what was needed and when it was needed and what to expect.

if you want him to do a good job for you, you have to be able to give him accurate information. His paperwork helps you get that all together.

If you’re at the point where you decide you need some help with a very tough situation… Richard Granvold is very straightforward and very helpful. He does his part but you also have to do your part. Give all the information that he asks for because he needs it for the court filing.

He also helped me find a tax attorney for advice on how to wrap up my taxes into the bankruptcy.

I went through a very hard time with my wife being sick for several years and incurring a lot of medical bills that left me in a very bad financial situation.

Richard’s help showed that he has a lot of experience working in a lot of different areas and has a network of associates that can help advise on areas where he does not have expertise.

don’t go into this thinking that you’re going to pay him some money and he’s going to do everything. He can’t and no lawyer can. Again help him by providing the complete information he needs so that he can advise you.

When it came time for the court case, again Richard was very straightforward and let me know what to expect and when. His advice was well worth the money….and I didn’t have a lot of money.

Now I’m completely through the process and the bankruptcy has been discharged. I know that by completing Richard’s information that the bankruptcy process was handled completely.

Bankruptcy is something to not be taking lightly. Now I have a much better understanding of what happened and why as well as how to keep myself from getting into the same problem again through working through the process.

Anyone that tells you to fill out a couple of forms and they’ll do everything else is lying to you…..or at least not going to do a complete job because they don’t have all the information to do a complete job.

I felt like I had a partner to help me through this process. (Posted on Jan. 28, 2021 by Kirk).