If you have lost or about to lose your Washington State drivers license we can help you obtain and keep such license in most situations if you live in Western Washington. (Please do not call my firm if you live elsewhere but seek an attorney near you who can assist you).

1. Accident caused loss of driver’s license: if you lost or about to lose your Washington State drivers license because of an accident involving you or your car, we can stop it in most cases. Call the Washington State Dept. of Licensing @ 360-902-3900 and they can advise you of the case # and the person whom you were involved in the accident and or their attorneys name and address and or insurance company. Make sure you list the person involved, the insurance company, your case number with DOL, and if applicable, the attorney in the debt listing sheet. If you include the name and address they show on their computer, then you can normally obtain back your license in jaw dropping hours often!

Practice pointer: make sure you ask if you need SR 22 Insurance to get your license back and for how long and what the reinstatement fee amount is.

2. Tickets/Criminal fine caused loss of licenses: To determine what is needed to obtain back your driver’s licenses, you either must go to local Drivers Examination Office and ask for a copy or go on-line to www.dol.wa.gov; , then click on “Drivers Licenses”; then click on “more drivers license topics”; then click on “Suspended License”; then click on “Learn how to reinstate your license”; then click on “start”. Then printout the pages which will list every fine that the DOL knows of that is holding up your license or that you are liable on also.  Then you will staple that page to your first page of creditors and add next to each court (1) how much is owed each fine and (2) the collection company’s name and address. Call the court or the assigned collection company and determine the exact amount owed for each fine and add the collection companies name and address next to each fine. Thus, make 2 columns, adding the monies owed to each and the name and address of any collection company assigned such collection of the fines. Each of those courts will then be added to your creditor list so you do not have to write down each court-Richard D. Granvold will add each court listed for you!

However, a recent interpretation of the law in Mid 2021 has allowed many persons with just non-criminal tickets to receive a license now even if those tickets have not been paid. Thus, before you call my law firm, call the DOL to check on availability of your license. Criminal related traffic fines and unpaid child support may possibly still hold up your license though  and in such cases we can help. However, note that even if you can obtain a license now, you can still discharge all those non-criminal traffic fines in a chapter 13 case many times by paying $130 or amonth or so.

3. When can your license not be obtained back? If the law requires suspension of your license because of DUI, Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving, Habitual Offender, or other criminal fine, the government site will indicate so and how long before you can obtain back your drivers license. Some clients decide to still file a bankruptcy to discharge their other debts and obtain back their license in the future.

4. Which Traffic Infractions / Criminal Fines Discharged Traffic Infractions are charges that are not criminal..you cannot go to jail for committing the underlying infraction. Such infractions are discharged in a Chapter 13 but NOT in a Chapter 7. Criminal fines, whether traffic or not traffic are NOT dischargeable in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases!

5. How fast can you obtain back your drivers license? 1 or 2 days!  Since 1987,  Richard D.Granvold has always processed any case within 2 days after you provide all items on the checklist which the law requires so your case can be filed and then immediately a letter faxed to the Washington State Department of Licensing. Usually, within 24 hours your license is released; you pay your reinstatement fee (or none if license not yet suspended) and obtain your license.

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