Peninsula Residents

Since 1987, Bankruptcy Attorney Richard D. Granvold has helped over 1650 persons living on the Peninsula from Neah Bay to Port Townsend and to Bremerton and everywhere in between, in addition to the rest of the approximate 9,000 persons he has helped file since he began practicing bankruptcy law in 1987 . All Jefferson County, Clallam County and Kitsap County residents he can help! You should click “Questions You Should Ask in Picking Attorney” on the Main Web page herein to understand why you should choose Richard D. Granvold in assisting you in filing bankruptcy. If you kept your old phone books, you will see Richard D. Granvold’s written phone book bankruptcy ads in the Clallam and Jefferson County Phone books from 1992 to 2016! Many clients met with Richard D. Granvold when he used to go King Salmon fishing in Sekiu and over 28 employees at the Clallam Bay Correction Center have employed him through the years in filing bankruptcy! As a result of fewer and fewer persons using written phone books as opposed to internet searches, he is phasing those out but has had his local phone numbers for land based phone lines also since 1992!

You do not need to make Bankruptcy complicated: In most cases all you care about are 2 goals: (1) Can you keep all your assets? And (2) Can you discharge all your debts! That is what filing bankruptcy comes down to. If you have secured assets then other issues arise in which event your options will be discussed with you; you can read about secured assets on the web site main page also herein in the area of law important to you.

Call now..and talk today/tonight/weekends! Some clients talk as early as 6 am and up to 9 pm at night! Its free. Richard D. Granvold will take 30 or more minutes to discuss with you over the phone. You can be at work on a lunch break, traveling down the road for work, at home after work, at home retired, etc..he just needs 30 or more minutes of your time. Many clients also speak on the weekends so they don’t have to miss work or unavailable weekdays…that is fine also! Then, if filing bankruptcy is the right choice for you, all documents will be provided to you in normally one days mail! And to sign documents, they will be mailed , or some clients prefer pdf files so they receive them instantly-Richard D. Granvold offers that choice also! His advice is the same whether across his desk, or across the phone line!

You Can Afford Reasonable Attorney Fees to File Bankruptcy:

Richard D. Granvold allows you to retain his office for $100 as part, not additional , to his fee and you can refer creditors to his office immediately, and then take up to 5 months to keep obtaining the other monies needed to file as you can afford on your budget, and then have your case filed! Call and discuss those fees now.

The Western Washington Bankruptcy Court in Seattle is where any resident on the Peninsula
filing bankruptcy must file and it tracks how many actual cases any attorney has filed in
Western Washington since 1986!

You should want to know how long has an attorney been practicing law, how many bankruptcies has that attorney filed in Western Washington, what % of bankruptcy clients make up the attorney’s law firm! The Bankruptcy court’s website will show the following attorneys practicing Bankruptcy law on the Peninsula and how many cases they have filed as of 5-9-2017; as you will see Richard D. Granvold has prepared more than all those attorneys listed below combined together! Would you want to go to a surgeon who has performed only 1 or 10 surgeries of the type you need? Or one who has performed thousands and  seen the types of problems that can arise, options on the various types, and the situation that is different from the general type? Would you go to a divorce attorney who has only performed several divorces? Practicing law creates knowledge and skills and Richard D. Granvold has those. For the same reason, you should choose an attorney who can help you through the bankruptcy process and be happy and satisfied with the services when your case is over with and complete! Richard D. Granvold’s prior approximate 1,650 clients on the Peninsula have been satisfied and happy about the reasonable attorney fees in obtaining that bankruptcy discharge also!
Attorney’s name and cases filed by such Attorney in Western Washington as of 2-25-2016 Who Help Persons on
Peninsula :

Richard D. Granvold 6,115 (Six Thousand One Hundred Fifteen) of which if ½ married that means over 9,000 persons he has assisted and filed bankruptcy for! Other attorneys practicing bankruptcy law in Jefferson & Clallam Counties include the following and the number cases filed by each according to the bankruptcy court’s computer docket as of 2-25-2016:

  • Poulsbo:
    • Vern Brown 375
  • Port Angeles:
    • Kevin Hansen 2,184
    • Curry Andrews 256
  • Port Townsend:
    • Johnnie Hynson 33
    • Joseph Schodowski: 1
    • Sequim; Michael Hastings: 8
    • W.Jeff Davis 298,

Thus, call Richard D. Granvold now for advice with respect to your case!