Mr Granvold not only answered my post he gave us several options he gave me back hope when I lost everything ! May 2014

I received much more than answers to my post on the AVVO site from Mr. Granvold he gave me back hope and options not one but several without judging or condescending remarks he was so respectful and helpful.  I now feel I have a chance at maybe coming through another dark time Bankruptcy  is difficult and after 4 years finding out we are still left with problems was devastating he gave us hope and an orderly direction to find our way back. We received more help than we did during our original Bankruptcy with another attorney this is the Guy to Trust I just wish I  would of found him before. Out of all the posts his insights were the ones we needed to set us back on the right track to a better future. Thank you for all your help my Family is so grateful you have no idea how much this meant you saved not one but 4 people . (This review can be seen on AVVO also!)