So Grateful for Bankruptcy Attorney Richard Granvold

I read Mr. Granvold’s reviews before I hired him. I was very impressed that he only practices bankruptcy law and is very knowledgeable. I spoke with a couple of local lawyers because I was dealing with a post divorce home equity line of credit. The other lawyers said I could be held in contempt of court because of my divorce decree and they didn’t know what I should do. Mr. Granvold knew exactly how to deal with my individual situation with no complications. I really appreciated that. He’s down to earth, very factual and no nonsense. Just do the things he says, and you are golden! I’m very grateful and can now go on with my life and rebuild. His fees were the best I found as well and easy to include in the ch. 13 payments. Also he is extremely fast with responses and what he needs from you. I know he’s dealing with a LOT of people but he always made me feel like I was the one and only client he was dealing with. (posted on 7-8-20)