Questions you SHOULD you be asking to pick the right bankruptcy attorney …but don’t!

Bankruptcy Attorney Richard D. Granvold has practiced bankruptcy law since 1990 and 100% exclusively since 1994. He has consulted with over 10,000 persons concerning financial problems. As a result of such advice, he has filed over 6,115 bankruptcy petitions as of 5-9-2017 and assuming 50% of those are married person, he has helped over 9,000 persons file bankruptcy since 1988 in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. No matter where you live in Western Washington there are only 2 bankruptcy courts in to file: Seattle and Tacoma. Richard D. Granvold has discussed many cases with many persons filing now who don’t ask the right questions to begin with. As a result, below are questions some of you ask, but all should be .

1. “How long have you been practicing bankruptcy law”? Almost no-one asks that question. Richard D. Granvold has practiced law since 1987. Why do you care? Because experience creates the knowledge in providing accurate advice and full competent advice and also options! An attorney may claim they practice bankruptcy…but did they start last month? Last year? Would you want a surgeon to operate on you as one of his first patients?

2. “How many bankruptcy petitions have you filed?” Why do you care? Because an attorney may have done 4 cases in 20 years, which means they do not have much experience even though they say they have been practicing so many years! Richard D. Granvold has assisted over 9,000 persons to file bankruptcy over the years and advised many others NOT to file bankruptcy for different reasons. As a result of the different situations that have arose, the hard cases, the unusual cases, the complex case, the simple cases, and the odd cases, all result in creating the knowledge of how to handle any case and advise you accordingly. Furthermore, there is no reason to pay too high a price in cases that are not complex. A huge portion of Richard D. Granvold’s cases come from referrals from his former clients as a result of not only helping them file bankruptcy, but earning their trust in accomplishing that result of discharge of debts in the easiest way and reasonable fees to accomplish such result. If you want to know how many bankruptcy cases any other attorney has filed in Western Washington just call Richard D. Granvold, he will check for free, copy that court’s site showing such number and email it to you!

3. “Will you discuss my case or do you use a paralegal, secretary, legal intern, etc.”. Why you should care: You want an attorney’s advice..not another non attorneys comments who has not studied or know the law. You want to know what you should do before and after your bankruptcy is over. You want to know who should you pay from now until when in your case is filed, and who not to. You should want to know if all your property is protected and if not what to do about that . Non-bankruptcy persons cannot provide legal advice! It is simple as that..they are mere typists or a go – between you and the attorney! Only Richard D. Granvold provides information and answers to client’s questions. ONLY Richard D. Granvold answers every question you ask, not any secretary or intern or para legal! Answers to your questions will not be “sugar-coated”; rather, Richard D. Granvold will say it like it is..whatever the answer is under the law to your bankruptcy question. That is why clients appreciate employing Richard D. Granvold. In addition, you can expect to be led along each step of the way. A cover letter and checklist will be provided to start; then when all documents are provided a second letter with copy of all schedules to sign and flagged accordingly advising you. Then when your case is filed a third letter with a copy of those filed schedules will be provided to you advising you of your next duties. A fourth letter will be provided with driving instructions and advising you of the common questions the trustee will ask you at the short meeting you must attend. And finally, at the end of your case our final and fifth letter reminding you of any other remaining duties, how to improve your future credit score, and provide you with an extra copy of your discharge. You will most likely see what happens when debtors do not have careful attorneys: you will see the trustee order them to come back with their ID, their social security proof, their bank statements or proof of income not timely provided all because those debtors and/or their attorney failed to timely provide what the law requires or failed to remind their clients to bring proof of a social security number requiring a debtor to miss more work and lose money because their case was not handled properly. Richard D. Granvold will make sure yours is!

4. “How long do you take to process my case..i.e. get it ready to sign?” Why you care: Many attorneys either don’t act quickly or cannot because they practice other areas of law. When you see an attorney’s website that sites various different areas of law that they practice that will inform you of possible delays. Attorneys have to attend depositions in personal injury and divorce cases, DUI hearings, license revocation hearings, conduct and prepare for trials in divorce and personal injury cases. As a result, they cannot prepare your case and focus on your case expeditiously. Richard D. Granvold always completes your case within 1 or 2 business days of the required information and documents being provided!

Garnishment and foreclosure cases require expeditious treatment: If you are being garnished, one day can make the difference in you losing monies possibly and in also not having monies deducted from your paychecks. Why? Because you not only want the garnishment to stop (or foreclosure to stop before a sale) but also the garnishment monies already deducted may possibly be forced to be returned to you and if the case is filed to long after garnishment deductions, then they may be forever lost and non- recoverable! And if a case is filed before a foreclosure occurs, even when not keeping the property that may allow you to remain in possession for many months longer..months you do not have to pay rent somewhere else! Thus, employing an attorney who completes your case in 1-2 days and can file it quickly when needed is something attorneys who practice in many different areas cannot always help you expeditiously at a time you most need it done now. Richard D. Granvold also is able to email clients the required documents to sign so you can download and sign instantly and overnight back to file the next morning! (The law requires original signatures not faxed or pdf signatures on the bankruptcy schedules themselves). Thus, whether you live from Oregon to Canada, your case can be filed in 1 or 2 days!

5. “Is an attorney that charges more better”? The answer is NO! Why you care: Easy…your wallet or purse! We charge up to $1250 or more for persons to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or more in those cases involving complicated “means-test” issues where the cases demand substantial more hours on such issues and sometimes requiring repeated work again on such cases to maximize the results by filing at a later date but requiring that work to be repeated..but that is the very rare case! It depends where our client lives. Some attorneys charge more because they have to travel to and from the meeting you must attend for one person (you) at a time. In Seattle, Richard D. Granvold may have between 4 to 8 cases at a time and thus can charge clients less as his time is spread out among several clients..thereby charging you less and saving you money!

So in short paying more is not needed as Richard D. Granvold’s advice will be the same no matter what your fee is in Chapter 7 for most clients. And to speak to you is free.We just need 30 minutes of your time : you can be at home, lunch break or driving down freeway as long as we can have about 30 minutes of your time! You are encouraged to talk to Richard D. Granvold even after you have consulted with another attorney; you will understand the difference!

6. “Will you take payments”? Why you care: Many attorneys require upfront a lump sum payment as they do not do monthly billings. We have allowed clients since opening our law firm in 1990 to make can pay $100 down as part of our fee. The advantage? Usually, you can even pay the filing fee to the Court after your case is filed too. You can immediately not only refer those nagging calling creditors to Richard D. Granvold‘s office immediately, but you can also take up to 5 months to make all payments or portion he agrees to before filing the case, as well as the filing fee! Now you know the answers to the above questions you should ask beforehand!